Life in 528 Hz Frequency - Healing Hearts and Lives with Steve Rees

2020 | 1:11:48 | SPIRITUALITY |

The 528 Hz Frequency has been found to facilitate beautiful effects in our lives. After learning how to tune his harp so that it plays music with 528 Hz dominance and beginning to record music with that frequency, Steve has been amazed at the testimonies he has received from those listening to his music. He first observed these positive effects on his patients that he was working with in dialysis, which lead him to begin to record the music and make it available to a broader audience through the internet. Over the past years since, Steve had millions of views and hundreds of emails sent to him testifying to the amazing benefits of this music. Further research has helped him to understand the science behind these effects and given him the opportunity to write a regular column in Masters of Health Magazine sharing these discoveries. This has also lead to Steve starting another website - The Calming Store, to help share some of these technologies in frequencies besides the music of the harp.


In 1998 Steve built a small harp to see if he could master the instrument and thus began his now 2 decade love affair with the harp. He had taken the requisite piano lessons early on in life but, like most children had despised the rigors of practicing and finally quit taking lessons. The harp was different and by 2001 he was taking the harp into the hospital to play for his patients who were on dialysis. As a Registered Nurse, he began to notice the beneficial physiological effects of the music on the patients and started to research information on how music and frequencies affect the various functions of the body.

Noting a specific scripture in 1 Samuel that described David playing the harp and the music causing a “troubling spirit” to depart King Saul, Steve began to wonder if there might be a connection between the Psalms that King David would later write, and what that music might have sounded like. In 2006, he began to study how there might be a connection between the Hebrew text of the Psalms of David and musical notes that might give clues to how David’s music might have sounded.

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