Lisa Remillard and Carlos Amezcua

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Lisa Remillard and Carlos Amezcua

2019 | 29:35 | LIFESTYLE |

It’s #SippinTheTeaTuesday and today’s episodes with @mattdillon1983 and @ arianeandrew featuring news royalty @carlosramezcua & @lisa.remillard who between them have covered every major world story you can think of and now are back together @beondtv doing the #CarlosandLisa show which airs daily on @kdoctv at 8.30am PST and on Beond.TV.

We talked meeting for the first time, how the digital age has changed the game, the generational difference and how they play into it sometimes by accident 😝 #HooHa’ and #SideHustles will never be the same Carlos & so much more in one of our fave episodes to date.

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