Malwina Rewkowska & Margaret Sobolewski, Founders, MiniOwls Inc, A DotCom Magazine Interview

2022 | 28:30 | ENTREPRENEURSHIP |

Malwina Rewkowska & Margaret Sobolewski, Founders, MiniOwls Inc, A DotCom Magazine Interview

About Malwina Rewkowska, Margaret Sobolewski and MiniOwls Inc:

A driven entrepreneur who strives to do something new every day. Great team leader with the ability to build, motivate and inspire teams. Together with my best friend, we have created MiniOwls Inc. We are stay at home moms who craved their surroundings to be an oasis of calm and organized picture-perfect home. We believe that: “Being organized is not about being perfect. It’s about customizing your whole world to work for you.” From that idea we founded MiniOwls Inc - the company that offers a line of high quality organizational products.
Affiliation with Amazon allows our company to provide easy and affordable online access to products that meet the individual needs of each client. MiniOwls strives to provide great customer service, making every consumer a satisfied, returning customer.
The company also makes every effort to touch the lives of many, not only through creating beautiful, organized places, but also by giving back to the community by donating a percentage of profits from all sales to breast cancer & autism foundations.
We are very proud to say that from 2014 to 2017 MiniOwls Inc has been creating a lasting change in women’s health, as $14,080.90 of our donation went towards Canadian Cancer Society.
We are also supporting families on their autism journey to see the spectrum differently by donating $2,858.00 to Autism Canada.

MiniOwls is the collaboration of childhood friends: Malwina and Margaret, two moms (with 5 kids between us) that have been driven crazy by the mountains of toys scattered throughout our homes!
Just like most moms we became overwhelmed by the growing amounts of toys that our children have, love, and can’t seem to part with…and we’ve dreamt of the calm and clean spaces we’ve seen on Pinterest.

With the understanding that being organized is not a matter of being perfect, but a matter of customizing spaces that work for each of our families, we began to think about storage solutions that can help calm the chaos that inevitably comes with young children! This was where MiniOwls and our toy hammock were born – After all, if it works for us, it can definitely work for other families as well. And it did, as we quickly became the Toy Hammock Queens

MiniOwls is a family run business that offers premium products designed by us, two experienced moms, and are tested by our 5 energetic and creative kids.

MiniOwls solutions are European, high-quality organizational products that have helped save our sanity – we know they can help you too! Toy hammocks (which now come in 7 colors) were just the beginning! We have expanded our space-saving products to include a toy chain, storage bean bag chairs, labels, and many more to provide simple and borderline brilliant solutions that will help turn parenting – or at least cleaning the toys – into a breeze!

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