Mike Davies, Founder & CEO, Mike Davies Fitness Universe, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

2021 | 32:21 | ENTREPRENEURSHIP |

Mike Davies, Founder & CEO, Mike Davies Fitness Universe, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

About Mike Davies and Mike Davies Fitness Universe:

Mike Davies is the Founder & CEO of Mike Davies Fitness Universe. Mike Davies is a recognized worldwide leader in the sport of competitive fitness and figure and bodybuilding.Mike Davies has coached dozens of Ms. Olympia's and The Mike Davies Fitness Factory is involved with nearly 500 clients worldwide, a tribute to Mike's expertise in training and nutrition. Mike Davies developed The Mike Davies Fitness Universe: A one stop shop for reaching your fitness and health goals with a proven method that has worked for over 25 years and has evolved to a place where world class training can be shared with everyone. Check it out on the app store. Mike Davies joins DotCom Magazine CEO, Andy Jacob, with this no holds bared interview about training, nutrition, and Mike's unique perspective on getting things done.

To begin your journey to step on stage, contact Mike to discuss your individual training and nutritional program.

At the Fitness Factory, we believe that your journey to the stage is not just an exercise in physical discipline, it is a journey of self discovery. Our nutritional programs will teach you about healthy eating and fueling your body, our training programs will teach you to maintain intensity and break through barriers, and our cardio programs will teach original ways to blast the body fat without being boring!

But more than these basics, we offer advice on posing, suit selection, makeup and hair styling! By covering all of the details, you can feel confident that come contest day, your hard work will shine! And more than your success on stage, mental strength and discipline. Whether you are a first time competitor or a seasoned pro looking for the edge to help you win, we can show you the way.


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