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A highly entertaining fairy tale like thriller against the background of the movie world. This heartwarming, charming yet suspenseful rags to riches story is about a nomadic shepherd who ends up starring in a multi-million dollar movie production. Thanks to a series of unexpected circumstances, the devastated producer whose main star dies in a car accident before the shooting is completed, discovers that a shepherd from the hills of Kashmir is the look-alike of the deceased actor. The clash of cultures between the nomadic way of life and the glamor and luxury of the movie world is highly entertaining and visually rewarding as the movie crew travels from Cannes to Paris onto Amsterdam and to an elegant Swiss Alpine resort. Tension intensifies when the nomad is kidnapped and will only be released for a million dollar ransom.

Keywords: India; rags-to-riches; heist; Kashmir; shepherd; Cannes; film star; movie star; artist; multi-cultural; nomadic; millions of dollars; multi-million dollar production; clash of cultures; Hollywood; glamor; movie making; movie crew; Paris; Amsterdam; Alpine resort; Switzerland; kidnapping; international; World Cinema; actor; producer; director; fairy tale; fantasy; private jet; five star

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