Nicolas Cortes, CEO & Diego Cortes, President,Co-Founders, ClassForThat, A DotCom Magazine Intervie

2021 | 29:09 | ENTREPRENEURSHIP |

Nicolas Cortes, CEO & Diego Cortes, President, Co-Founders, ClassForThat, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

ClassForThat is marketplace that connects students who want to take any class with teachers who want to teach that class.

What is ClassForThat?

ClassForThat is an online marketplace where students can find and book Online, In Person and Recorded classes and compare teachers according to criteria that is important to them. Online and Last Minute classes are offered using our secured videoconference platform that has whiteboard and screen sharing features. We offer a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

What is ClassForThat's Mission?

ClassForThat's mission is to be the preferred marketplace where people who want to learn any subject or skill can find and compare teachers and book classes directly.

Nicolas Cortes

Diego Cortes

Very passionate about my work. If you are a teacher visit so that you can learn more about the premiere marketplace where you can teach anything.
Online, In Person or Recorded

We have a great referral system and we don’t charge commission on the classes you teach the students you bring to ClassForThat. Take a look and please send any feedback you might have. This platform was made with teachers in mind.

Nicolas Cortes, CEO & Diego Cortes, President, Co-Founders, ClassForThat

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