Passive Income Made Easy with Out-of-State Rentals with Maureen McCann – REAL ESTATE INVESTING FOR WOMEN EXTRA

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Passive Income Made Easy with Out-of-State Rentals with Maureen McCann – REAL ESTATE INVESTING FOR WOMEN EXTRA

2019 | 1:09:50 | ENTREPRENEURSHIP |

Maureen McCann, Co-Founder and Principal Owner of Spartan Invest, operates as the VP of Sales and Marketing for this boutique type real estate investment company.

Spartan Invest is a small real estate investment company that specializes in providing investors turnkey real estate for monthly passive residual income.

Maureen brings with her 10 years of sales and marketing experience in the turn key marketplace. Having served as an Investment Property coach for years, Maureen is skilled at helping clients build turnkey cash flow portfolios for her clients.

Maureen has helped hundreds of investors build the type of rental portfolios necessary to reach their short-term & long-term monthly passive income goals.

Investing in turn key real estate for long term wealth generation is something Maureen understands intimately. Whether clients want to replace their current income with passive income or clients are simply looking to supplement their retirement, Maureen custom designs the right portfolio with the right end goal in mind.

With an incredible work ethic and unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Maureen helps provide a peace of mind experience investing in premium income generating properties. She spends time coaching her clients on the wealth building principals that will help her clients and their families protect their capital and mitigate the loss of their capital while investing in real estate. When you are looking for a trusted, reliable, knowledgeable consultant to assist you with building your real estate portfolio, Maureen is the best in the business and has helped Spartan Invest grow to a $26 Million dollar company in just 5 short years.

Maureen has vast experience in investing in residential real estate, commercial real estate, investing in start ups as an angel investor, investing in oil and gas, software apps and continually and vigorously pursues & investigates other avenues for creating more passive income for her clients and her family. Maureen invest 10% of her annual income in continuous education. In 2018, she enrolled in Tony Robbin's Mastery Class, Coach Adam Markel's Heart of Enrollment Course, Michael Stephenson's NLP Course and currently participates in 3 Masterminds: The Closing Table, War Room and Secret Knock. Her audible library and her personal library are stacked with books from Self-Leadership, Self Mastery, Health, Nutrition, Clean Eating, Passive Income, Finance, Tax Savings strategies and Real Estate. She is the ultimate book worm and is a champion for sharing her knowledge with others.

In the first part of this episode, we talk about:
- How having a broke mindset keeps you broke
- Best way to improve your life is to improve your skills
- Why taking action is the fuel to your engine
- Leveraging time and money to build wealth

In the EXTRA portion of this show we talk about:
- How to really make your rental income MAILBOX MONEY.
- Secret keys to keeping a property low management and high profit.
- How to research areas you want to invest in right from your own desk at home.
- A simple trick to do a 1031 exchange to release your equity and start creating more cash flow.

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