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2021 | 55:28 | KIDS |

Lisa Forsythe is a teacher, a mum and author of Simple Activities for Toddlers: A Practical Play-At-Home Handbook for Parents.
Caring for her toddler Thomas, throughout the pandemic, gave her the inspiration to create @simpletoddleractivites on Instagram to offer other parents activity ideas. This has led to her writing her debut book to share her expertise to other parents.
Lisa holds multiple Australian university degrees in education. She has a Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Teaching, Honours (UON); Master of Education (CSU) and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching of Asia (ANU). She has been a member of the teaching profession for over 15 years and is passionate about play based education and learning. Lisa wants to share her educational knowledge with others to impart the importance of developing a child´s foundational skills before they´re ready to enter formal schooling. The best part is her book is full of fun activities you can easily do at home, predominately using recyclables and craft supplies.
The book is designed to guide your toddler to develop foundational skills. There are 60 high quality activities that are open-ended, so it means that each time your toddler engages with the activity they can discover something new. These are activities that you will want to repeat.
Another way to play, is all about reusing the same activity to teach a different skills or concepts with minimal preparation required, thus saving you time, resources and space.
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