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2021 | 56:08 | DOCUMENTARY |

Welcome to Radio Toni this is Art you Deserve with Tracie Eaton. This is the first in a 6 show series with international modern artist Tracie Eaton. I am incredibly lucky to have this talented lady on our show and excited about the creative processes we will explore in the next 6 weeks. We even have a surprise planned which we will tell you all about towards the end of the show so stay tuned to see and hear what that is.
Here’s what you need to know about Tracie Eaton.
Tracie Eaton is an artist that, from an art curator’s perspective, creates “Passion-art; all who see it fall in love with it. All who see it want it. Born in NZ Tracie has made Australia her home since 2006 and has since become one of Australia’s most highly coveted artists full stop her work is in demand in Australia an around the globe full stop her exclusive commission to create artworks for nominees at the academy awards has secured Tracie Eaton as an inspirational Australian artist.
Tracie has been creative her entire life. And with the mantra of be bold, be brave, be brilliant. It's no wonder that Tracie looks at life with openness and willingness to live in an all or nothing fashion. There is no belief no believe in Plan B. Instead, Tracie. Chooses a path and embraces it enthusiasm and wholeheartedness. Her expressive painting style is an embodiment of how she sees and lives. life, passionate, layered, immersed and drawing in bold colour, allowing the flow of creative process to take her where the up work needs to go. Painting professionally since her 30s, Tracie Eaton dedicates her time to exploring new ways to enhance her craft and connect with her audience through artwork and creativity.
Certified in occupational therapy and colour psychology, Tracie brings a depth of understanding about colour and its impact to a creativity. Colour creates immense energy, evoking a subconscious emotive response after and one that can be a catalyst for change. As does art. By incorporating this into her artworks, Tracie creates striking luxurious artworks that revolutionise any space and, when painting commissioned artwork. This knowledge brings her feelings and her vision to life.

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