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2021 | 56:14 | BUSINESS |

Our guest today, Amanda Karpeles, whose interview is titled - A new approach to communication, breaking down boundaries.
Amanda is the youngest of 5, born in Zimbabwe her family left during the civil war in the late 70s following death threats to the family due to her fathers high profile position. They moved firstly to NZL and then Australia when she was a child. Her father died when she was 16 and Amanda has always had to be independent.
She worked in onion factories (worked the graveyard shifts) to fund her university study and has always valued and enjoyed the opportunities travel and study have brought. A love of life and innovation, inspired by things around her and experiences while travelling with a close family and a son who is 13 years going on 20!

Amanda Karpeles is now a Brisbane-based entrepreneur who has developed an emergency communication platform that offers an agile solution to the dynamic risks of remote and isolated work in fluid situations. Her focus is upon elevating safety, performance and bringing safety and safety communication to the front line. Amanda has extensive legal, business, and financial management experience spanning 20 years, having incorporated and run her own legal practice and as a Partner in a national law firm. During her legal tenure, she acted for large and small enterprises and individuals in all areas of injury law from the Magistrate's Court up to the High Court of Australia. She has forensically examined over 4000 workplace injuries, in conjunction with experts, to identify the legal culpability around accidents due to:
• workplace prosecutions,
• coronial inquiries and
• workers compensation liability.

In 2018, Co-founders Amanda Karpeles and Ash Raina joined together to develop digital solutions that would enable organisations to take rapid, relevant safety action in a crisis or emergency and reduce the risk associated with people working in remote and dynamic environments. SafeTaG has been developed based on:
• extensive occupational health and safety research and insights
• 20+ years of legal practice in WHS
• 20+ years of experience developing easy-to-use technology solutions that drive efficiency in operations.
Amanda seeks to disrupt what it means to be safe.

Let's start the show with her favourite quote - Albert Einstein once stated that: "If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got." We need to allow ourselves to think differently, and new things will happen.

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