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2021 | 56:18 | WOMEN IN BUSINESS |

Maria Vamvouklis
s an NLP Business Coach, Mentor and Trainer with over 15 years of experience in professional and personal development coaching. Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis. Since 2007, Maria has coached multiple individuals across various industries to truly make a difference in their lives.
Maria uses her skills in a well-rounded and robust approach to better facilitate her clients and students to bring out their utmost potential. Her diligence and professional approach challenges and bring out the best in her clients. She consciously increases the learning process to an accelerated rate while maintaining a high level of professional focus. Maria provides a strong foundation of experience and knowledge that creates ongoing support for growth and success.
Prior to Maria starting her own company The Conscious CEO, Maria was working as a qualified naturopath and personal trainer where she built a holistic health clinic for 10 years. She then made the career move into the NSW Police Force with a desire to make an impact in the local community.
Maria discovered a deep curiosity of mind and how it impacts the quality of life of individuals. This started her personal development journey and added this to helping individuals with mental health challenges. Outside her business, Maria is a volunteer RUOK? Ambassador.
Maria delivers coaching and training globally with the utmost excellence with exceptional results, Maria provides services that release and encompasses a mindset of absolute quality standards, rarely seen around the globe today. With dedication and passion, Maria shapes and paves a path that is of utmost importance in the knowledge and understanding in an educational journey of excellence that results in a significant sense of connection and empowerment.
Maria is extremely passionate about bridging the gap between business strategies and the power of the mind in leaders, as she has seen in her experience across multiple different industries the importance of a sharp mind and exceptional communication can be in any context of life.

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