Richard Steggall, CEO, Urban FT, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

2021 | 37:13 | ENTREPRENEURSHIP |

Richard Steggall, CEO, Urban FT, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview.
Richard Steggall, the CEO of Urban FT. Urban FT is recognized as one of the most progressive and successful FinTech companies in the Financial Services industry. Richard Steggall is a results-driven entrepreneur with a record of success and a passion for accelerating and capitalizing on emerging opportunities. At Urban FT, Richard Steggall and his team enable financial institutions to deliver an exceptional customer experience through the world’s first, and most capable, FinTech Core. Urban FT’s X-35 FinTech Core™ is positioned to clean up this challenging ecosystem and help financial institutions stay on the cutting-edge of innovation when it comes to providing their end-users with a superior Digital Banking Experiences, Money Movement capabilities, Identity Verification, Account Opening options, and Behavioral Insights, all of which enhance overall user engagement.
Richard Steggall is a FinTech veteran. Before founding Urban FT, he was founder & CEO of Waspit Group Inc., a banking alternative for students. Before entering the FinTech space he spent 17 years in IT&T, serving as COO of UK-based Burlington Rye Plc and head of corporate strategy for NASDAQ-listed and U.S.-based Kit Digital Inc. (formerly Roo Media Inc.). In all of these roles, Richard Steggall was responsible for the growth strategies of private and public companies in North America, the U.K. and Asia. Throughout his experience, Richard has focused on acquisitive and capital growth, and led IPOs (including via reverse mergers) across the globe.

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