Rudy Balat, CEO, SocialQ, a DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

2021 | 31:41 | ENTREPRENEURSHIP |

Rudy Balat, CEO, SocialQ, a DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview
Rudy Balat is a hybrid strategist and execution leader Rudy is passionate about digital marketing through the integrated approach of a "social media led but not digitally limited" ecosystem. Born in Mexico, raised in France, and expatriated to NYC, he has over 15 years of experience in advertising servicing global brands such as Coca-Cola, GM/BUICK, AT&T, Microsoft, Adobe and SWAROVSKI.
Are you dissatisfied by other agencies that couldn't operate with a conscience and the proper scale it takes to support emerging brands? Check out SocialQ, which was born out of a fundamental wish to establish a place and space where everyone could belong - and resonate. Resonance is found in telling someone’s story where and how it needs to be told. And resonance is exactly what your audience requires to connect within the current iterative omni-channel landscape. Introducing an approachable and nimble "Direct 2 Client" approach, SocialQ is not just another advertising agency, we're your in-house partner and your go-to team for all things digital. We’re social media led — but not social media limited. Our services are grounded in an integrated paid-media approach to content with measurable performance strategy, along with the empathy, focus, and the social cues it takes to resonate with your audience. So what do you say? Let’s find your point of resonance together with SocialQ.

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