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Tips on what sales shifts to make to help you sell more with Chad Sanderson

• Shift your perspective and attempt to understand where the others are coming from. Your success rate will improve and you will sell more.
• You don’t have to differentiate against the competitors, you only have to differentiate in the other individual’s perception. Then the easiest way to do that is by asking the questions and working with them.
• These are all disciplines: sales, marketing, consulting, these are all disciplines, and in order to master them it takes effort.
• We have to challenge and push each other.
• You still have to do all of the things that everybody knows how to do in a sale: you have to find them, you have to engage them, you have to qualify them, you have to advance them, you have to close them, right?
• Now that we have shorter attention spans sales reps have to be much more strategic in the way that they engage with an individual, be very aware of the experience they’re giving the other individual, the other person and make sure that we’re doing it.
• All you have to do is a little bit of research like there are three easy steps to do this, you got to do a little bit of research to understand what is the business objective or the organizational objective for the company in which your buyer resides?
• It’s the process of getting them to self discover, and us being able to hear it in their words, which then allows us to talk back to them their own language.
• When people buy from people they trust, that moves them away from problems and towards solutions.
• A hot button for me is when I hear people talk about Social selling is the answer or social engagement is the answer, so you don’t need to engage with people on the phone, you don’t have to perfect your email. I think that is a cop-out.

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Shift your perspective and attempt to understand where the others are coming from. Your success rate will improve and you will sell more.

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Doug:Well, welcome back listeners to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. Today’s episode is going to be quite interesting, and I want you to tune in not tune out. So, today’s episode is going to be around selling. But I think you’ll be really surprised and really appreciate the perspective that my guest today has on selling and why selling, you know, the way that he does it with integrity, and how it’s a natural flow to make it work, to close bigger deals. So, I don’t want to steal all of Chad’s thunder, but I do want to formally introduce him, and then get into the podcast episode because I’m sure you’ll agree, once you listen to this episode, that you’re going to find some valuable information whether you’re face to face selling, selling on the phone, whether you’re writing copy or content for your website or your social media, that he’s got a lot of information that’s very easy to implement and to use. So, Chad Sanderson has been leading sales and marketing teams to success for over 20 years through his proven and predictable ValueSelling Framework. Chad has also been named one of the top five emerging training leaders. And he’s worked in sales, he’s built teams and he’s a

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