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The ShapeShift Radio Podcast is a show designed to answer the call to the definite confusion when it comes to growing a business, and / entrepreneurial endeavor online. It is a big place where everyone from C-Level execs to fledging Entrepreneurs, The ShapeShift Radio Podcast is here to answers all questions and meet all needs!

The internet has changed the face of business, marketing, and decision making as we know it. This is both a blessing and an issue because the fact is, it has become almost impossible to know the best way to build, support, grow and prosper in the ever-evolving world online, and it’s not slowing down any time soon! However, hard to navigate the one truth we must all agree on is that what is happening in the Virtual Universe cannot be denied. With content specifically designed to meet all the questions head-on its viewers may have, this broadcast/podcast will support its listeners in moving forward successfully in every way possible.

As part of SHAPESHIFT World, SHAPESHIFT Media is the broadcast/podcast specific corner of these tips, tools, support, guidance, coaching, done with you and done for your programs including an amazing marketplace, that is SHAPESHIFT World. Cohosts, Deborah Bishop, Lorenzo Hickey, and Paula Allen bring their collective experience of over 100 years, to the table in real, candid and sometimes raw wisdom to save you years and dollars when it comes to gaining momentum and having everything in place that you deserve. Tune in and turn on your success! Want to know more, follow the steps at the end of the show, or contact Deborah at

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