15:45 · 2020

In this episode, as always, your hosts, (Rev) Deborah Bishop, Paula Allen, and Lorenzo Hickey do their very best to guide and advise. This week, the topic is, an all too common practice out in the virtual world, but . . . is it an effective practice?

When you copycat someone else's stuff it's never really yours and therefore it will never be entirely or better said authentically your brand. This might be ok if it's to prove market share, or to broaden your message, however for the most part when you copycat the question becomes whether or not it truly serves you. Most consumers are pretty savvy these days which means they are pretty aware of when someone is copying someone else. You might be good at it however and this could mean that it could work for you, but we believe only if you look at what others are doing as a template.

There are several sides to this conversation and you can hear them all. The Social Media perspective, the media and broadcasting your brand perspective and the best business practices for growing your business perspective. Always fun, we know you will get great value from this show and invite you to share it with some friends. To contact us directly please email Deborah at


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