18:20 · 2020

Welcome to the next episode of SHAPESHIFT Radio Podcast where we serve you by showing you how to shape your business and shift your bottom line! In this our second episode, we explore the concept of strategy when it comes to online marketing and media.

In today's fast passed world everything is moving a virtual speed and whether or not your prospective clients choose to do business with you, relates a lot to the type of presence you have online. From Social Media meems to Facebook lives and smart TV and OTT podcasts like this one, like it or not, online branding is important and even critical.

But . . . how should you be everywhere? Is it better to focus and have a strategy? What is the best strategy and when is too much, too much? These are more are the questions we answer for you in this episode. If you have ever wondered, how much is too much, we will do our best to answer that question for you and direct you to a good solid concept that will help you build more success in the future. Want more info on who we contact Deborah directly at 615 823 0073. And be sure to check out


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