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Social Media tips for creative entrepreneurs by Marina Barayeva

• Why do you think it’s so difficult for creative people to get out there and market themselves? Answer: Because you love your work. You love what you do. And we tend to believe that if we love doing something, that probably we are not supposed to get paid for that.
• You need to understand your audience and know how to answer the questions they ask, what they struggle with, or what they want, or what they desire? Then you’d look for the ways to help them without any expectations in return.
• Not everyone [you meet networking or on social media] is going to be your client. But they are your audience. They are your word of mouth marketing. They will [talk] about you.

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Not everyone you meet networking or on social media is going to be your client. But they are your audience. They are your word of mouth marketing. They will talk about you.

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Doug: Well, welcome back, listeners, to another episode of Real Marketing, Real Fast. Today I’ve got a real special treat for you. I’ve got somebody joining me in the studio that I met online through another podcasting service, Podcaster’s Paradise, which is John Lee Dumas and his wife, Kate. And Marina and I connected there, and so here was are. She’s interviewed me on her podcast, and I just want to properly introduce her to our show. So a welcome to Marina Barayeva.

Marina B: Yes, you made it.

Doug: Is that correct? Okay, there we go. Okay, thank you. She’s an international portrait photographer. She is based in Beijing, China. She is also the host of Marketing For Creative show, where she talks to the experts about how to market a creative business so that they can work and they can love what they’re doing and be a successful entrepreneur. Marina likes to be involved in various creative projects. She has organized and hosted an online conference, Lady Photographer in Russia, a charity fashion show, New Year Queen in the USA, and as part of the [inaudible 00:01:10] … I screwed that up. So how would I say that?

Marina B: [foreign language 00:01:13].

Doug: [foreign language 00:01:14] art project, thank you, in Beijing Design. She’s been featured in various media outlets such as Art People, HubSpot, China Radio, as well as other international media. Her mission is to inspire people to do what they love and help them to grow as a business. So I would like to welcome you to the podcast today.

Marina B: Hey, Doug. It’s a pleasure to hear you and to serve your audience today.

Doug: Well, thanks so much. So we did a little bit of talking before we got on the air. I’m not going to say anything that would embarrass you, but I do know that by looking at my stats, that we have listeners from all over the world. So you did share with me that you spoke three and a half languages. So would you like to say hello and welcome in one of the other two languages that you speak fluently to our potential listeners.

Marina B: Well, this I can say even in four languages. So-

Doug: Okay, well then go ahead.

Marina B: Hi everyone. [foreign language 00:02:09]. [foreign language 00:02:10]. And [foreign language 00:02:13]. There’s

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