Straight Talk for Smart Business Women with Cheryl Leitschuh - REAL ESTATE INVESTING FOR WOMEN

2020 | 30:20 | REAL ESTATE |

Who is Cheryl Leitschuh?

Mentor, guide and influencer.

Many of Cheryl’s clients describe her as the “yoda” for woman owned small businesses and solopreneurs.

Cheryl has had the pleasure of owning a successful, sustainable small business for over twenty five years. She has stumbled, regrouped, learned, succeeded and failed BUT remained committed to being an entrepreneur. Cheryl has also coached other women owned small businesses to enjoy the opportunities of being an entrepreneur. Her mission is to help woman owned small business to start, build and grow their own successful enterprise.

In this episode, we talk about:
• Why do more women struggle to create 7 figure businesses than men
• What should you consider before starting your own businesses
• What are common pitfalls women see in business
• What do women excel at in business

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