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Welcome to the Hypnotic Trip Video Podcast!!
with Valerie Grimes the Hypnotic Hiker

What would you do with the gift of shift?
The realization that in any moment you can shift your attitude, your thoughts, and your feelings? How would things change? By the way, we always want to shift in the direction of UP.

I’m an active person and so sitting meditations are difficult. I began using my hiking time as meditation time by focusing only on the senses. To do this you begin with noticing only the visuals, the shapes, the colors, etc. Do this for several minutes. Then move to notice only what you are hearing, then feeling. This practice over time will make your hikes more productive on the mental and emotional as well as physical levels.
It was time for me to shift my perspective as a hiker….then, And after miles and miles, probably hundreds of miles of Texas’ 600 ft above sea level trails, I decided it was time to elevate my path.
So last year, we did Guadalupe Peak in Texas (8,751), attempted Red Cloud (14,035) near Lake City, CO (a mudslide spoiled it) and Venado Peak (12,734) in New Mexico.

This year (2020) we traveled to WY, SD and CO.
Just to clarify, we are not rock climbing. We are on foot, staying grounded while climb feels much more secure. And, we are not doing any extreme climbs, but rather some 7000-14000 foot elevations that are still challenging mentally and physically.
Black Elk’s Peak in South Dakota (formerly Harney Peak because of the Harney Granite there)
This short slideshow is from Black Elk’s Peak at Custer State Park in South Dakota. It was 3.3 miles to the peak, but my pedometer registered 5, so 3.3 that felt like 5 I guess. The meadow was the first visual that stopped me. A real meadow. Blue Bells, raspberries, Bergamot, and Black-Eyed Susan. Then as the elevation began to climb we hiked through a glitter field. Mica was all over the path. If you pick it up it is like a frail piece of simmering plastic.

Love, pray, meditate
Breathe consciously rhythmically and abdominally often.
Touch and be touched.
Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.
Take the three inner refuges of stillness, silence and spaciousness.
See the good, the true and the beautiful.
Move your body and your energy with yoga, Tai chi , Qi gong etc.
Have faith in goodness, humanity, life , the universe / Divinity etc.
Stop blaming anyone for anything ,
Accept more personal responsibility and power.
Engage in service to those who are struggling who feel alone , reach out to others.
Be centered in your heart .
Think , speak and act with the consciousness of your heart.
Smile on the inside and smile on the outside.

The Hypnotic Hiker
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Motion Graphics: Scot Duke
Music by: David Karsten Daniels
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