2021 | 8:34 | LIFESTYLE |

What God Told Me At Devils Tower Monument: How to Get In Touch with Your Spiritual Side.

Today’s trip happens at Devil’s Tower Monument in far northeastern Wyoming. What are hypnotic trips? They combine hiking, hypnosis and divine inspiration to help you evolve, shift or otherwise be your best self.

How does God (or source, the great one, or the universe) speak to you? Is it through prayer, through others, through nature, or other ways? My experience has been mostly in nature as I had to step away for the Religious God and step out into nature.
From that experience I know that when we take our questions or our troubles out in nature, the natural world has a way of sparking an idea or unveiling an insight. Is this universal communication? The subconscious mind? God? If it helps, does it really matter?

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