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The CHANGE You Need.
Welcome, I’m Mark Neace, CEO for SyncLab Media and your host for our series of videos on the change every business needs to make right now in response to the global slowdown of our economy.

Over the next 7 videos we’ll dive into the details on the new ways business leaders will need to market their products and services.

There is a lot we need to pass on to you so, Let’s get started.

A few months ago, before the COVID-19 shutdown, the process we all used to market our brand was easy to do.

You either went to a business function to meet and greet people, or your referral network generated enough leads to keep your sales pipeline full.

Of course we all had social media marketing and other tactics that pushed consumers to our website or landing pages.

In Mid-March all that changed when the COVID-19 pandemic forced the shut down of the economy as we knew it.

Now all we have to do is ...CHANGE.

As business owners we all know that change is inevitable. However, this change is different.

What makes it different is that we must change the way that we communicate with each other. We need to adapt to what will be ongoing limitations on person to person contact. We need to accept that most marketing will need to be virtual. This will make video marketing the most important of all marketing strategies.

Most marketing experts, including us, have been saying for a while that video is the most powerful way to deliver your message. Today, video marketing is even more critical to move prospects through the stages of your sales funnel to ultimately become a client.

Video marketing is now a necessity.

That is why we produced this series of videos that explains the types of content that will attract prospects and move them through your sales funnel.

In this series of videos we will:
Discuss why having a strategy is so important
Review the video marketing sales funnel
Define the different types of videos to use.
And outline the next steps you should take to make the change.

Plus, I’m sure we will be adding in a few tips on what we have found that works.

So, we hope you enjoy our journey as we explore how to develop a sales funnel video strategy and we look forward to working with you soon.

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