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In our last video ( we described the types of videos that will attract consumers to the top of your funnel and engage them to move to the middle of the funnel and become prospects.

Remember, the middle of your sales funnel is where your prospect goes to learn more about your product or service that best solves their unique challenge.

Take advantage of the opportunity to impress them!

Let's take a look at the type of videos that show why and how you solve problems for your customers, and all of the ways you do it better than the competition.
Product Videos
With product videos, you’re focused on elevating the life-changing features and benefits of a particular product or service.
Tips Videos
Continue to build the customer relationship as you offer valuable tips that can make them feel like they’re ahead of the game.
The infamous “How It Works” Videos
How it Works..or How To videos, serve to get viewers into the mindset that they will inevitably become a loyal customer. It allows them to “see” themselves as already using your product.

Pro Tip: No matter which video type you go with, your target audience should leave the middle of the funnel understanding the severity of the problem and feeling excited about the possibility of finding a real solution.

The more variety of video content that you use in the middle of your funnel, you will solidify the connection to your prospects and make it harder for them to say no during the next step!

In the next video we dive into the Bottom of the Sales Funnel and the videos you should use to close the deal.

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