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Videos That Attract Consumers:

In our last video ( we talked about the structure of a sales funnel and how to make your sales funnel video-centric.

To recap, there are three parts to a sales funnel: The first part is the top, and this is where you capture consumers’ attention by creating awareness of the challenges you solve.

So, you may want to go get a cup of coffee because we are going to take a very deep dive into the types of videos you should consider using to attract consumers to the top of your sales funnel.

From there you take that nugget of interest and further indulge their curiosity.

At this stage, viewers don’t have a reason yet to keep watching, so you need to keep these videos short and sweet.

The first and most powerful video to consider is a Profile Video.

A profile video is a visually creative way to tell your personal story. They also are versatile in both their audience appeal and ability to show your passion.

They can also take on whatever tone you desire — funny, serious, insightful or direct.

Profile videos highlight your “why” and can go a long way in developing rapport and trust with the right audience.

Or, you might consider the Corporate or Brand Video

A Corporate or Brand Video is a good vehicle for telling your company story.

This is a smart way to go if your company needs to raise awareness or to help establish you as a player in your industry.

This type of video can help to shape your image in the public eye, build trust in your brand, or simply to get people thinking positively about you.

At the top of your sales funnel, remember it’s all about building awareness, so stick with talking about what makes you unique.

Talk about the values that define your company, how you invest in innovation and/or the community or how you take care of your employees.

Next up are Educational Videos.

Educational videos can deliver tremendous value and helpful information about issues that your audience cares about.

Keep in mind that even in the midst of an overflow of entertainment-focused content out there, many viewers seek out content that will make them smarter.

When you consumers gain insight into a specific problem it shows that you are committed to sharing knowledge to improve their lives, not just to make a sale, and gets them prepared for the next step — solving the issue.

Moving on, let’s talk about Lifestyle Videos

Lifestyle videos can help position your brand as relevant in the viewer’s daily life, especially if you feature products in fashion, beauty, health or similar industries.

Connect with your target audience with messaging and visuals that seem familiar and even personal.

Show real people struggling with the pressing issue that you solve, and use the characters and words to spark the emotions that a consumer feels once they add your product to their life.

And last, but not least, there’s Problem/Solution Videos

With problem/solution videos, you can highlight a pervasive problem and then demonstrate the ways that your product or service offers relief.

Since we’re still in the “attention grabbing” phase of the sales funnel, you should spend most of the video highlighting an issue with a brief mention of the solution.

This should incite curiosity in your audience and drive them to the middle of the sales funnel where they will learn about specific solution in more detail.

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