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Is Your Sales Funnel Video-Centric?
Welcome back to our Sales Funnel Video series. I’m your host, Mark Neace, CEO of SyncLab Media.

In our last video ( ) we talked about the steps required to develop your video marketing strategy.

So, from this point you should know the types of messages you need to deliver to consumers. Now we need to look at where and when those messages are to be delivered.

With that in mind, in today;s video we are going to take a look at the structure of a sales funnel and why video content is critical attracting prospects to, and moving them through, your sales funnel.

Ready to dive in? Great! Let’s start with the basic structure of a sales funnel.

There are three parts to a sales funnel:
The Top of the sales funnel is where you capture consumers attention by creating awareness of the challenges you solve

The middle of the sales funnel is where your prospect goes to learn more about your product or service that best solves their unique challenge

The bottom of the sales funnel is where you reinforce the features and benefits of that product or service offered, leading your prospect to become a client.

A video-centric sales funnel will have specific types of video content at each step of the journey a consumer takes on the way to becoming your client

Now you may be asking...Why can’t I just use the same video at each stage?

The short answer is...that approach just doesn’t work any longer.

Today’s consumers are much more demanding of information, have less time to spend searching for solutions, and there is much more competition for their attention.

They also want (really demand) fresh, engaging content, new information and reasons why they should give you a chance — and this takes time and different types of video content.

The goal is to meet your target audience where they are at in the decision-making process.

They want more specific, detailed information and using just one comprehensive video will not produce the same results as several quick, concise videos that speaks to your audience at the stage of the buying journey they are on.

Consistently following this process, over time, will attract and gain consumers’ trust, which will move them through your sales funnel to become a prospect and eventually a client.

And, as always, we’re here to help! Reach out at or give us a shout on your social network of choice.

In our next video we’ll talk about the Top of Sales Funnel and the types of videos that work to attract consumers.

See you there.

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