Take The Simple Wine Challenge: money-back guarantee, 10% discount plus awaken your wine taste buds!

2021 | 7:02 | FOOD |

This is The Simple Wine. And this is their challenge. Visit their website - TheSimpleWine.com - order their delicious, natural, family-owned and curated wines, enter the code XTV at checkout and if you don’t like the wine that arrives at your door, just return the bottle and get your money back. Oh, the XTV code will also get you 10% off your order.

As a client myself, I’m certain that you’ll LOVE their wines — even the bottles that are $15 and under. You see, The Simple Wine imports exclusively organically produced wines from family-owned wineries in Italy and elsewhere. No added sugars, sulfites preservatives or chemicals. Low sulfites means no hangovers!

I like the fact you can choose any wine at any price and be guaranteed that your bottle will be muy delicioso.

Marty McCartt, Sommelier and Wine Director at Mastro’s Restaurant, also joins us to tell us why his restaurant in the South Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Miami area purchases its wine from The Simple Wine. McCartt tells his story of how he became a sommelier and also provides advice for first time wine buyers. This is like your first lesson in becoming a wine aficionado!

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