TALK! with AUDREY - Importance of Balanced Diet, Incorporating Frozen Food to Create Upscale Dining Experience, Incorporating the Latest Tech and Gadgets in The kitchen, and Mental Health Awareness

2020 | 22:17 | LIFESTYLE |

The importance of balanced diet and how we can help jumpstart our mornings with real milk. Chef and Entertaining Expert James Briscione, shares some of the ways that he incorporates frozen foods into his own recipes to create an upscale dining experience. Jennifer Jasinski, Top Chef Masters Finalist joins Audrey live from the National Cattleman’s Beef Association Culinary Center in Denver Colorado with ways to incorporate some of the latest tech/gadgets in the kitchen. Even though we are more open to discussing mental health compared to 10 years ago, there continues to be misperceptions and stigma that may prevent people from fostering an open dialogue and seeking help. I’m replaying an interview I had with Dr. Don Mordecai, Kaiser Permanente’s national leader for mental health and wellness about their mental health awareness effort called Find Your Words.

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