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Do you live in a limited urban space but dream of growing your own fresh veggies? Do you think it's too hard to grow plants in a big city?? Then get ready to be inspired by the urban farming movement of Bangkok! We talked to three young Thai people who are forging their own green paths in the urban jungle of Thailand's capital. They told us about the problems facing Thailand's urban populations and how they got inspired to join (and co-create!) the burgeoning urban farming movement.
Jacques-Chai has worked with Oxfam to create the Root Garden At Thong Lor, in a bustling area of Bangkok, so that people from the city can come and reconnect with the land and learn about their food systems. Jacques talks about the importance of land reform and the economic challenges of Thailand's food production.
Chansupa Chomkul edits her own green living magazine Simply Organics and runs workshops on natural dye techniques and urban farming. She spoke to us about the simple ingredients needed for growing good food, and shared her passion and enthusiasm for healthy living.
Nakorn is known in Bangkok as The Veggie Prince, and is a strong advocate for the urban farming movement. He holds regular workshops in his home in order to build a community of urban farmers. He told us about his philosophy of farming, and why it's necessary to start small, to plant the seeds for a healthy and thriving community.
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