The Art of Awakening with Ben J Stewart

2020 | 1:00:36 | SPIRITUALITY |

The art of awakening is a sophisticated science, philosophy, religion completely focused on expanding consciousness and heart. The world not only sees art primarily as a commodity but also compartmentalizes the meaning of it as strictly entertainment. That is the tip of the iceberg in terms of the beauty life has in store for us. However the art of awakening also acknowledges that due to our collective capacity to hide from our fears, the process of awakening often happens through trauma recovery and delicate rehabilitation. Because of this, Ben has dedicated his life to distilling the core elements of awakening and balancing it with adaptiveness, balance, compassion and self-expression through art. This is how we hijack the timeline of history to build a more harmonious future.


Filmmaker and musician Ben Joseph Stewart has a style for the conscious community. Before his touring rock group Hierosonic disbanded, Ben had already launched his third full length documentary with global viral attention. Most recently he launched a 14 part series called Psychedelica and soon after hosted his own talk show Limitless on Ben is currently finishing a film on cannabis with chef Pete Evans and launching the Waking Infinity podcast to embolden people to discover unlimited human potential.

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