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Dr Zabina Bhasin MD | Diversity, Inclusion, and Kids | The Breakdown with Bethany | MomCaveTV

Season 1, Episode 11 | 2022 | 20:32 | LIFESTYLE |

Sometimes parents need a little help when it comes to talking to kids about challenging topics such as diversity and inclusion. That's where experts like Dr. Zabina Bhasin, MD (Dr. Zee) come in.

Dr. Zee is a child psychiatrist, a diversity and inclusion expert, and an entrepreneur. Her work educates families and schools, fostering future generations of truly global citizens.

She founded In KidZ as a lifestyle brand dedicated to creating connections through culture and championing unity amongst diversity. Kidz creates kid-focused products that help children learn about cultures while inspiring them to create a world that embraces diversity of all kinds.

In KidZ recently released their Ukraine Box to teach children about the people of Ukraine and to welcome individuals from this crisis with kindness, understanding, and belonging for all. 100 percent of the proceeds will go to charity.

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