The Breakdown with Bethany

Modern Mommy Doc aka Dr. Whitney Cesares - The Breakdown with Bethany - MomCave

Season 1, Episode 5 | 2022 | 12:08 | LIFESTYLE |

Bethany talks with real-life doctor and mom, pediatrician Dr. Whitney Casares aka Modern Mommy Doc.

Whitney Casares M.D. is a private-practice pediatrician, an AAP Spokesperson & Published Author, Podcast Host, and a mom to two young girls in Portland, Oregon. She is also the founder of the Modern Mommy Doc and the Modern Mamas Membership community dedicated to helping women thrive in motherhood. She’s pretty much your very knowledgeable best mom friend.

Dr. Whitney is all about helping moms so that they can help their kids. In our chat, we talk about self-care (the real kind), her amazing second book, and what she’s struggling with currently.

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