The Celebrity Perspective featuring Carrie Preston

2018 | 27:16 | INSPIRATION |

Carrie Preston discusses her childhood and how she would put on backyard plays at her parent’s home and how supportive her mom was about her wanting to be an actress. Carrie shares her philosophy on being a successful Emmy award-winning actress and how it’s not just talent but it’s the training that makes an actor great. Carrie discusses her personal life, her marriage to Michael Emerson, and their dog Chumley. Carrie tells about the importance of giving back to society and how she gives back through her work with Habitat for Humanity.
Ashley asks Carrie about how she makes lifelong friendships, and what connects her to other people the connects with others and make long-lasting friends. After the switch, Carrie asks Ashley how she lives her true life. Later Carrie asks Ashley what her experience of Los Angeles is being that Ashley is from the south. Later, on Your Daily Perspective, Ashley explains how expectations take away from our joy. Ashley knows this from experience and realizes there is a better way. Don’t miss this poignant advice on how to let go of expectations and how to get more joy in your life. Ashley explains the Way of the Dog and how it directly relates to your life and your happiness.

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