The Celebrity Perspective featuring Chloe Hurst

2018 | 35:14 | INSPIRATION |

Chloe Hurst, actress and supermodel, tells her story of moving from Australia to Los Angeles and how she used her fear to propel herself forward instead of allowing it to hold her back. Being blessed with a sense of confidence her entire life, coming from within and support from her family, Chloe helps others to find their inner confidence and helps them to realize they are enough. Later, Chloe talks about what friendship really means and she speaks about the value of education and her friend’s organization Pencils for Promise. Chloe wants to help people with self esteem issues and is brainstorming on how exactly she will make that a reality. After the switch, Chloe asks Ashley what advice she would give a Hollywood newcomer. Chloe shares with Ashley the guilt she feels about being thousands of miles away from family and guilt of her successes. Ashley explains how to understand guilt, where it comes from, how it limits us and how to begin to let it go. Chloe asks Ashley how to achieve an absolute sense of self while still complying to the beauty industry standards. Later, on Your Daily Perspective, Ashley realizes many of us hold on to our past successes. It’s not a bad thing to hold onto our memories, however we hold onto pass successes because we feel they won’t come again. Throughout her time as a life coach, Ashley has helped many clients over the age of fifty achieve the greatness they never thought was possible. Ashley reminds us how the best is yet to come and you have time to achieve anything you desire.

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