The Celebrity Perspective featuring Garcelle Beauvais

2018 | 33:05 | INSPIRATION |

Garcelle Beauvais tells about her life as a child living in Haiti and the love she has for her Mom, who has passed, who did everything to help her daughter get to the United States for a new life. Ashley and Garcelle discuss a spiritual perspective of death, and how our loved ones are with us in spirit and how that contributes to Garcelle’s belief in a deeper meaning of life. Garcelle reveals how she got through her divorce, how she dealt with dropping off the kids at her ex-husband's house and being alone, and how she worked on herself and did the soulful work with a therapist and life coach that helped her start a new chapter in her life. Later on, after the switch, Garcelle asks Ashley what to do when you’re single in Los Angeles and Ashley supplies spot-on advice. Later, on Your Daily Perspective, Ashley is talking directly to you about the superpower you possess, that you may not even be aware of it.

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