The Celebrity Perspective featuring Natalie Burn

2018 | 31:19 | INSPIRATION |

Natalie Burn discusses her love of action films and how she parlayed her dancing ability and applied it to film. She discusses her knife fighting and her training in jiu-jitsu and how she loves to empower others to get out of their comfort zone. Natalie and Ashley talk about how their parents were singers and Natalie reveals how her father told her she didn’t have a voice and how it killed her inside. Natalie discusses why it’s important to find the uniqueness within you and why following your dreams are important. She also explains how to ignore the naysayers and stay centered on your dream. After the switch, Natalie asks Ashley about her career as a life coach and why she chose the profession. Natalie asks Ashley’s advice on therapy, when is a good time to seek a life coach and hires Ashley on the spot! Later, on Your Daily Perspective, Ashley explains how to understand what really matters most in your life, how to prioritize, and how to get the most out of every minute by being mindfully in the moment.

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