The Celebrity Perspective featuring Tony Denison

2018 | 27:36 | INSPIRATION |

Tony Denison tells about his personal connection with his character Andy Flynn on the hit show Major Crimes. Tony explains how he has stayed true to himself by doing the soul work to prevent losing himself in Hollywood. Tony talks about his love even addiction for cooking, and how one night on a hundred plus mile road trip for oyster sauce, he decided he may need to reel his love for cooking back in. Tony reveals how to tap into your authentic self and how he centers his energy to be in the moment no matter what he’s working on. Tony shares his love for giving back and his charity work with The Sunshine Kids. After the switch, Tony asks Ashley how much preparation she puts into every celebrity interview. Tony asks Ashley the real reason she has created the show, and Ashley tells all. Later, on Your Daily Perspective, Ashley addresses how we are what we eat and more importantly how we are what we see and what we hear. Ashley explains why we need to be aware of the content we expose our mind to.

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