The Celebrity Perspective featuring Wil Traval

2018 | 32:11 | INSPIRATION |

Wil Traval, Australian actor in Hollywood discusses his character Nuke on the Netflix series of Jessica Jones. Wil also explains how he finds a part of himself in every role he plays. Wil explains how important exercise is for him in his daily life and how it helps him have more self understanding and puts life issues into perspective. Wil and Ashley discuss life’s wake-up calls, and Wil is reminded of his best friend who committed suicide and how it impacted him in such a way that he made significant life changes. After his friend’s death, Wil takes a trip to South America, and he is reminded of his friend’s spirit by the on-going presence of a butterfly throughout the trip. Wil offers advice on helping people overcome self esteem issues and how to stop the broken record. After the switch, Wil asks Ashley about marriage, more specifically how do couples grow together instead of growing apart? Wil asks Ashley the techniques for overcoming self-sabotaging behavior. Later, on Your Daily Perspective, Ashley explains how clarity of our thought directly relates to making good life choices. She explains how exercise, diet, and visualization can immediately increase your level of personal clarity and directly better your life.

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