The Douglas Coleman Show VE with Natasha Deen

2021 | 17:45 | ENTERTAINMENT |

NATASHA DEEN’S confession? She didn’t grow up wanting to be a writer. The deeper confession? She really wanted to be a superhero. Her family moved from Guyana to Canada to escape the country’s growing racial and political violence.
She loved growing up in a country of snow and flannel, but sometimes, being the only mixed-race kid in class meant being bullied and feeling invisible because there were no reflections of her on TV or in movies, and it meant growing up feeling different from everybody. Thank goodness for books and comic books. They were full of weird, oddball, don’t-quite-fit-in characters who turned out to be amazing and cool and found their happy endings.
These days, Natasha writes for kids and teens, and she loves mixing mystery, action, and creepy with a whole lot of humour. Her books have been described as “gripping” (School Library Connection), “engaging” (CM Magazine) and “feel good” (VOYA).
The funny, sad, embarrassing moments of her life aren’t just part of her books, they’re part of her presentations, too. Natasha loves using all the times she felt different to show people that at heart, everyone is the same. And her final confession? Writing is the hardest thing she’ll ever do, but she loves it because writing is story, and stories change the world.

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