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Tips on how to write copy that sells from Lukas Resheske

• At the core, [copywriting is] just communication. It’s being able to accurately convey a message to an intended audience.
• “Copy is everything,” and “Copy is communication”
• LinkedIn is back on the map
• Big Four Analysis: target market, primals, awareness, and sophistication
• A lot of people view copy as this thing that you buy once and you pay a really expensive copywriter to do it, and then it just works. That’s the myth.
• You’ve got a huge opportunity… for a good copywriter with a good funnel to come in and play with the rules as they are and just make bank… and fill that space.

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At the core, copywriting is just communication. It’s being able to accurately convey a message to an intended audience.

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Doug Morneau:Well, welcome back. This is another episode of “Real Marketing, Real Fast.” Today, we’re going to talk about a very interesting topic. We’re gonna talk about copywriting, direct response, and how you can use copy to help move the sales dial.

Today, on our podcast, I’ve got a professional copywriter, Lukas Resheske. Lukas was an officer in the Army. He’s now a top copywriting mentor. He’s an author. He’s a digital marketing expert and he has a deep expertise in creating sales files. So if any of those pique your interest, then make sure that you sit down, tune in, listen in, and take some notes.

There’s a reason why students all over the world, and clients who own eight-figure businesses come to Lukas. He’s become known as the copywriter that millionaires recommend. Lukas is able to take complex marketing problems and turn them into simple, elegant, practical solutions, practically overnight. He’s made millions of dollars for his clients on launches, cold traffic campaigns, and Kickstarter campaigns. His copy still holds the control in several markets, and clients continuously come back to him to launch his new products.

So Lukas has made over seven figures in the last five years from his direct copywriting direct response marketing experience. What’s really impressive was looking at Lukas’ clients that he’s worked with. He’s worked with over 160 clients, but many of you may recognize Ryan Lebeck, the founder of the Ask Method and the best-selling author, Mike Dillard, who is the founder of Magnetic Sponsoring in the Elevation Group.

I was a really bright guy. I really enjoy Harlan Kilstein, who’s the owner of Dogington Post … Yanik Silver, who’s a direct-marketing guy who many of you will know … Tai Lopez, who has become really an online celebrity and superstar in the social space, for sure, and Schelling courses … [Orlon Plaff 00:02:01], and Josh Turner, who I love his material. Josh founded a company called “LinkedSelling,” and he runs a LinkedIn University … or Linked University which helps people to generate revenue through their LinkedIn.

Well, welcome to the show, Lukas. I am so excited to have you here today, and you’re talking about a topic that is near and dear to my heart and something that, as I introduced you, I think our listeners really need to sit down, roll up their sleeves, grab a pen and paper and take some notes. So

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