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The Local View - Host Lee Lee Williams

Season 1, Episode 15 | 2021 | 4:35 | EDUCATION |

Hosts Lee Lee Williams and Josh Mancuso meet at Spark Plaza in discussion on the tumultuous time facing the nation, and how we can get behind the black community here in our region.

Lee Lees comments on the matter are inspired.

“Communication, talk, open dialogue, regardless of color, like we are having here right now. Speak to your friends and family, ask questions and discuss what you can do.
On the black community side people are angry, but need to look to allies, of which there are many. Go to local government and talk to city officials and present ideas. Reach out to police officers and ask what the community can be doing to improve those relationships.”

Josh remarks upon the importance of listening and supporting black owned businesses, himself wearing a suit by local taylor Craig’s Crown Cuts.

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