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The Local View - Trek Bicycle Store

Season 1, Episode 21 | 2021 | 3:02 | BUSINESS |

We begin our adventure feature of businesses across the Appalachian Highlands and the Tri-Cities at the Trek Bicycle store of Johnson City.
Manager Chad Wolfe remarks unpo how ingrained bicycling is in the america culture, and how it is meant to be enjoyed by everyone at any age and from every walk of life! As Jose Castillo puts it, that is "the spirtit of Trek". He describes Johnson City as built for biking and an eclectic lifestyle that is low in cost and high in community values. Abraham Mcintyre, long time Trek customer says, "Cities can't build natural assets like this", and from the look of it, hes not wrong. Last but not least, if there was any question wether cycling was for you, David Compton, Trek Sales Manager, has the answer and that answer is yes! He shows us the Perfect Fit Finder and how each bike and cycling experience can be taylored to your needs. The spirit of Trek, come feel it for yourself!

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