The Mommy Strategy with Crystal Mewhorter - REAL ESTATE INVESTING FOR WOMEN

2020 | 32:49 | REAL ESTATE |

Crystal Mewhorter is the owner of CGN Homebuyers, a successful real estate investing company with a twist. Crystal and her husband Dan share their business model, “created” by the needs of their customers. They teach individuals how to invest their funds safely, securely and at very high rates of return, typically tax free; assist people in selling their home that cannot sell traditionally, and very often sell to individuals that cannot acquire a traditional mortgage, paying their credit repair and coaching them through to home ownership.

This business was built by a single mom raising 2 small children, working exorbitant hours and failing to experience any quality of life. Today, Crystal “retired” from her J.O.B., drives her kiddos to school, has been a room mother for several years, assists her family and the community, has earned a PRISM Life design certification, coaches real estate investing, and KNOWS financial freedom!

In this episode, we talk about:
• What is the mommy project
• How can moms get started in real estate
• Why real estate is the perfect opportunity for moms

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