Season 1, Episode 35 | 2021 | 1:51:34 | ENTERTAINMENT |

ON THE NEXT Q-ANON CHRONICLES... DID YOU KNOW THAT WE ARE IN THE AGE OF THE ANTICHRIST? Probably so, but have you ever been exposed to Bishop Larry Gaiter's interpretation of who the Antichrist really is?
"If you haven't been exposed to the extensive research of Bishop Larry Gaiters on how the Antichrist relates to the Cabal, Communism, Black Lives Matter (BLM), Antifa, the Moderna COVID Vaccine, the Radical Left and the Luciferian Agenda, then you are about to experience a RUDE AWAKENING! PLEASE TUNE-IN to another eye-opening broadcast of THE Q-ANON CHRONICLES with yours truly, Ayala Nunez, and guest host Miss Helen Woo as we interview the well-versed and awe-inspiring Bishop Larry Gaiters!!! (Part 1 of 2)
And (guess what), there are most certainly earth-rattling revelations within this talk that was (for the very first time) exposed to us and the world when this specific episode was broadcasted LIVE on Youtube on 9/22/2020. And this was information that was heard first here on THE Q-ANON CHRONICLES and no where else!!! - NEVER BEFORE REVEALED ON ANY OTHER TALK SHOW!!! This particular cut is the Remastered Version. Now, if you’ve been following us religiously from the last few months, then this exclusive interview will absolutely be a treat! But, if you are absolutely NEW to all of this information, then you, my friends, will be BLOWN AWAY LITERALLY OUT OF YOUR MINDS!!! CHECK US OUT!!!” ~Ayala Nunez
The Self-Proclaimed Doctor of Podcast, U.S. Veteran, Registered Nurse, Ancient Archeology Enthusiast and Controversial Theorist, Writer, Blogger, Researcher, and the Author of The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart. Additionally, Ayala is the Host of Quantum Mindfulness Radio and the Great Awakening (Now on iHeartRadio) and is the Executive Producer & Founder of REAL REVOLUTION RADIO X.O: The Number #1 Source for Motivational Author Interviews, Intuitive Blog, and Inspirational Podcast Radio On-Demand!

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