2021 | 49:45 | INSPIRATION |

DID YOU KNOW THAT SOME OUR MOST FAVORITE OF HOLLYWOOD STARS… have literally sold their Souls to the Devil. They are the Satanic Hollywood Elite!!!
Tune-in to the next episode of The Helen and Amaru Talk Show (REAL TALK RADIO) as we will dive deeper into more uncharted waters into an ancient practice that goes way beyond our own comfort level and reality. In this episode (Episode #3) Helen and Amaru will unveil and uncover the surprising list of Hollywood Superstars whom have been a part of the hidden and undercover World of Satanism. From this, you will further discover that the practice of Satanism is more common than you know and goes way deeper than what we could ever fathom. THE TRUTH BOMBS WILL SHOCK YOU!!!
WHAT THIS TALK SHOW IS ALL ABOUT: This video podcast is essentially a free-for-all platform where just about any topic comes into full view. This talk show will dive deep and dirty into controversial topics of the heart, mind, and soul, and sometimes even BEYOND! Get ready to have your minds blown away or even your hearts taken away as we will challenge you to go way beyond the box! But yet to realize that there are other multiple versions of that box! Parallel Realities, perhaps - WHO KNOWS! Hey, does the Box even exist? You be the judge. Let’s talk, but most importantly, let’s get REAL!

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