The Show with No Name: Jane Whiting The Ekam World Peace Festival

2019 | 30:17 | LIFESTYLE |

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Welcome to 'The Show with No Name' Series 1, Episode 20, 25 July 2019. Dreamed up by Theonie Roussianos and Adaire Palmer to help people in your local community to raise their profile and encourage awareness and support for what matters to them and their communities. We also help not-for-profits, charities and service to connect with communities to raise brand awareness and help staff and volunteers working within them to become the best #BrandChampions they can be for their cause. To interact with us during the live broadcast, make sure you're watching over at the original source on:

Jane Whiting is a Relationship Coach & Art of Feminine Presence Teacher, who has been an avid personal growth and spiritual seeker for decades.

This has led her to become a senior student of the O&O Academy in India which is a world renowned philosophy, wisdom and meditation school.

Jane’s concern for the welfare of humanity drives her to spread the message of the Ekam World Peace Festival as far and wide as possible.

The Ekam World Peace Festival is a Free 11 day Peace Festival that anyone can join online from their home. On the final day there will be a group gathering here in Adelaide and in various countries around the world.

Krishnaji, the founder of O&O Academy says we are at a pivotal point in history where we could go down the path of destruction and devastation or move into peaceful and enlightened times.

The Ekam World Peace Festival is a tremendous opportunity to not only create peace in ones own life but also to make a substantial contribution to world peace!
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