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Tips for writing copy that converts by Joel Klettke

• Customer driven copy, what does that mean, exactly?
• It’s amazing how saying the same thing but slightly different clicks a whole different set of switches in somebody’s brain.
• You can never trust one data source on its own. You have to look at multiple sources to get the real story.
• Both of those clients just saw great results because they were open-minded and open to being wrong. Too many businesses are defensive, they’re scared.
• I used to get a ton of pushback about doing the research, doing the homework. People said, “Just write the thing.”
• One of the things that you cannot be a great conversion copywriter and have a huge ego
• But copy remains I think for way too many businesses an afterthought
• Case studies are one of those things that everybody needs, most people know they need.
• But I truly believe if we’re going to exist as a company five years from now, we have to be a video first company.

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Joel Klettke on writing copy that converts into sales

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Doug: Well, welcome back listeners, another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. Today, I am pleased to have joining me in the studio, another fellow Canadian Joel Klettke. Now, Joel is an interesting guy. He is a copywriter, but if you read his bio on his Twitter account, it says “pray for your competitors, after you hire me they’ll need it.” So, he is a conversion specialist, and a copywriter, and a consultant to B2B businesses. He is the founder of Casual Copywriting.

One of the articles I read on Joel prior to inviting him and having him on my show was a case study that he did for a company named HubSpot, so I’m sure you’ve all heard of HubSpot. The case study was how a customer driven copy helped HubSpot increase their conversion by nearly 100%. So if you want to know how Joel helped HubSpot increase their conversion and how they can help you and increase the conversion of your landing pages and sales pages and all the online marketing tactics that you use, I would suggest that you tune in.

If you stay at the very end, we’re going to have a discussion about something new that Joel’s doing that I think is really cool, that you may find interesting as well. He started a new venture called Case Study Buddy and what he does is he works with businesses and he manages the entire process of building out case studies for you to use both internally and externally for your marketing.

So, with that said, I’d like you to join me in welcoming Joel to the Real Marketing Real Fast Podcast today. Hey, Joel, I’m super excited to talk to you today, for a couple reasons. First of all, I love copy and copywriting. But more importantly, I like copy that converts. I couldn’t help but notice your introduction that you have in your Twitter account. It says, “Pray for your competitors after you hire me.” So, it should be a great conversation and as well as what you’re doing with case studies.

I had a guest on a while ago saying, “Hey, If can give you a tip to get your business fired up, you should make sure to do case studies early.” So, here we are talking to you. So, welcome to the Real Marketing Podcast.

Joel Klettke: Yeah, thank you so much

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