Today is World Environment Day! Meet Jonathan Hart. Former radio announcer and award winning newspa

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Today is World Environment Day! Meet Jonathan Hart. Former radio announcer and award winning newspaper journalist now avid supporter of a clean environment who runs Down To Earth Events and Eco Party Box with his wife Tina.

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Today is World Environment Day!

Welcome to Jonathon Hart! Jonathon is the owner of Eco Party Box, and doing his thing actively for the environment.

Jonathan says... The use of traditional party supplies has affected the environment through its contribution to landfill and its threat to wildlife.

In 2010 we went searching for eco friendly party products for our third child's first birthday party. Surprisingly we couldn't find everything we wanted in the same place.

Thinking there were people like us out there we came up with Eco Party Box - an online store supplying eco friendly party products that are authentic, ethical, fair-trade, hand-made and locally-made where possible.

We carefully select products that are sustainable for the Earth - so you can invite nature to your party - and we can all move closer to creating a world where the environment doesn't need protecting!

You'll find Jonathan here: Eco Party Box

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