Tom Elliott, Co-founder & CMO, 23 Vitals A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

2021 | 33:51 | ENTREPRENEURSHIP |

Tom Elliott, Co-founder & CMO, 23 Vitals A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

About Tom Elliott and 23 Vitals:

23VITALS is the world’s most complete immunity supplement money can buy. Everything overworked immune systems need to prepare, defend, support, and recover. Many products make claims of 'immunity' through mega-dosing 'one' or 'many' of the commonly deficient micronutrients; Vitamins A, B12, C, D3, Zinc, Selenium, and Copper. 23VITALS™ responsibly provides appropriate dosages for optimal immune function-additionally addressing entirely overlooked responsibilities with an intentional approach.

Life's 'stuff' can be heavy. Physical, chemical, and emotional stressors suppress our magnificent immune system. Gain peace of mind knowing your immune system is fueled with everything it needs to make the shift from living stressed to blessed.

The immuno-warriors 'within' are equipped to adapt. They require two things: Removal of Fear & Confidence in Life #RedefiningTransparency #Fuel

23VITALS™ is a new, cutting edge total immune support supplement that’s taking on the modern-day stressors weakening our immune health like a lack of sleep; a sedentary lifestyle; poor stress management surrounding work from home, home study, and the chaotic times we live; the standard American diet; and more.

Prior to May of 2020, this product did not exist. It was created for precisely this time, right now, where the human spirit - the entrepreneur within all of us - requires leadership and love - from the person staring back at us all - every day in the mirror.

If 5 dads can come together during a tough time and create something that is hands down - the BEST product to ever be created - explicitly for the immune system with no funding, what does that tell you?

The Human Spirit is Unstoppable.

There's Always a Way.

One by one, our mission is to ignite the human spirit within EVERYONE who've always known there was something 'bigger,' 'greater,' and 'more significant,' that they were meant to be doing...

None of us came here to be put into a box.

The human spirit thrives in the state of creativity... it's difficult to achieve this state of being while confused, fearful, and worried about 'what's next.'

One by one, this will get done.

Anything and Every Thing is Possible.

Humanity First.

Creativity & Cooperation Scarcity & Competition.

Learn more about 'why we felt compelled to act,' by visiting our Website. You'll also see that we are % Unstoppable when we Fuel The Warriors Within.

- Tom Elliott
A Doctor at Ft. Benning, GA once told me I'd never jump again. I looked at him and smiled. I was back within 5 months and my Airborne Grandfather was pinning my wings on in front of the jump towers. #Unstoppable #HumanSpirit

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