Toni Lontis and Get off the Bench with Kerryn Vaughan

2021 | 1:03:55 | WOMEN IN BUSINESS |

After the publication of her book, Toni starting to grow her voice and quickly became a Public Figure, creating awareness about domestic violence, sexual abuse and social-emotional and cognitive health. Her passion and energy grew a large following and this birthed many other things in her life; her Radio Toni live show, her podcasts, talks sessions, TV show, and mentoring began to experience growth.

From the platform of Radio Toni, she support victims of verbal, physical, sexual abuse and any traumatic event in their lives, to tell their stories, helping many find inner peace and healing.

Toni has escaped from the bounds of low self-worth, anger and pain from a dysfunctional childhood marred by a congenital facial defect, sexual assault, verbal abuse, depression, anxiety and the failed flawed relationships that plagued her adult years. Toni wants to be a beacon of light in a dark world. I sign of hope after trauma.

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