Tony Williams Raré. Chief Executive Officer. Global IT Communications, A DotCom Magazine Interview

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Tony Williams Raré. Chief Executive Officer. Global IT Communications, A DotCom Magazine Interview
About Global IT
Global IT is a relationship-based, customer-focused IT (Information Technology), and Cloud services provider. For more than 20 years, Global IT has prospered in the Information Technology business, earning the respect of companies both large and small with specialized technical skills from our dedicated employees, a real understanding of the technical tasks, and an unwavering ability to achieve targets and objectives.

We’ve been around for so long for a reason. We’re malleable, responsive, and efficient.

Our core mission is to ensure that our clients succeed in a rapidly evolving, technology-based world. They thrive when they have the right tools and the most skilled technical personnel. And that’s exactly what we provide.

A successful and financially sound Private Company, we continue to work hard for our clients while remaining flexible and accommodating. These traits have been with us since our inception, and we intend to keep them. Our core services in the information technology field include: Managed IT (MSP) and Cloud services, and we stand out in this increasingly competitive field. Our customer commitments are typically 1, 2, and 3+ Yrs. with reduced fee renewal options. We have an incredibly low attrition rate maintaining 99+% of our customer base annually. Global IT provides specialized technology consulting on small, medium, and high-level strategic projects, including Infrastructure, software, systems, billing consolidation, ERP development, custom software builds, and specialized extraordinary projects.

Global IT utilizes the very best in technology, systems, partners, and network operators. Global IT maintains 100% up-time of their Data Center operations in New York and Los Angeles multihomed, with diverse 10+ Gbps connections into leading fiber-optic networks. Global IT is an American founded, family-owned, small business, and privately held corporation based in Los Angeles, California.

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